The Amboy Cottage Cafe
The Amboy Cottage Cafe

Sharing food and memories in the company of friends

Rural Minnesota is full of stories about people preparing and enjoying wonderful food together. Here in the Amboy Cottage Cafe, we cook from scratch -like your Grandmother!- using wholesome ingredients. Local meats, dairy and fresh produce are used whenever possible. We avoid hydrogenated fats, we don‘t own a deep fryer and use canola, olive oil and, of course, butter! Whole grains, fruit and vegetables fill the menu.

To your health, enjoy!

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The Amboy Cottage Café


100 Maine Street East 

Amboy, MN 56010


    For reservations call:

         (507) 674-3123




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 6AM - 8PM



 6AM - 9PM



9AM - 1PM



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