The Amboy Cottage Cafe
The Amboy Cottage Cafe 

Our small cafe was made possible through community effort. Ask our staff about the mugs and they will proudly tell you all about them and the people that they belong to. 

The Red Cow Burger is named for the story of how the city of Amboy came about in the 1870's. A small percentage of each Red Cow sold is contributed towards the Amboy Area Community Club.

The Amboy Cottage Cafe is a small facility that is just over 365 square feet. We encourage reservations but we will always try our best to accomodate walk ins. 

We seat 31 people, so European style seating is often "The call of the day."

Sitting with strangers can often lead to interesting stories and possibly new friendships. 

Please call us at 507-674-3123 for a reservation. 


Large group reservations( 10+) require special event planning. Please send us an inquiry email at or give us a call.* 


*15% gratuity charged for groups 8 or more. 

Table 5: Where friends gather for coffee, pastries almost daily. 

Almost every early morning that the cafe is open, a group of men gather for coffee while our sweet bread is kneaded and baked.


Two hours later the ladies come and enjoy early morning coffee and pastries. 


Stories old and new are exchanged along with the daily forecast. We often learn new to us tidbits, about the history of Amboy. 


The Amboy Cottage Cafe takes pride in these early morning rituals. Community is an integral part of what makes the cafe succesful. We are grateful for our patrons  contributions to the cafe and to the overall community of Amboy. 



A peek inside the cafe. 

Sharing food and memories in the company of friends

Rural Minnesota is full of stories about people preparing and enjoying wonderful food together. Here in the Amboy Cottage Cafe, we cook from scratch -like your Grandmother!- using wholesome ingredients. Local meats, dairy and fresh produce are used whenever possible. We avoid hydrogenated fats, we don‘t own a deep fryer and use canola, olive oil and, of course, butter! Whole grains, fruit and vegetables fill the menu.

To your health, enjoy!

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