Sharing Food and Memories in the Company of Friends

Rural Minnesota is full of stories about people preparing and enjoying wonderful food together. Here in the Amboy Cottage Cafe, we cook from scratch -like your Grandmother!- using wholesome ingredients. Local meats, dairy and fresh produce are used whenever possible. We avoid hydrogenated fats, we don‘t own a deep fryer and use real canola, olive oil and, of course, butter! Whole grains, fruit and vegetables fill the menu. To Your Health, Enjoy!


SPECIAL ATTRACTIONS!  ....Bring Our Customers Back


Saturday's and Sunday's Swedish Pancakes

Custom Cut Thick Smoked Chops in German or American Style- Anytime!

Wild Caught Alaskan Salmon with Basmati Rice and Green Beans Almondine

Coffee-Rubbed Sirloin Steaks with Grilled Mushrooms, Onion and Pepper

Olive Chicken- healthy and tasty pasta dish

Kids' Pancakes in any shape you can describe

AND The Raspberry Bread Pudding!

Raspberry Chicken Salad
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