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The Amboy Cottage Cafe 

Our Menu at a Glance

Here at The Amboy Cottage Cafe we have a full menu that features homecooked family style meals made from scratch using recipes that have been handed down to us from our grandparents, most of whom had European roots.  As your grandmother may have done, every morning's routine starts with hand-kneading the Fresh Breads and Rolls for the day.  While the bread rises and bakes, we prepare a full menu of breakfasts- from Old Fashioned Oatmeal to Omlettes or simply warm gooey Caramel Rolls and Coffee.


Lunch time focuses around the daily special choice, preparing the full menu and homemade soups, desserts and pies. Evenings allow YOU to bring in your own favorite alcoholic beverage (we will provide glasses for you!) to accompany our delicious "slow food" and regular grill items... AND we have no corking fee.


Over our 15 years we have developed daily specials that follow a general weekly pattern.  Start the new week right with:


SUNDAYS: Brunch, served 9AM-1PM. Reservations are recommended.  The menu features swedish pancakes, quiches, steak and eggs, and waffles in addition to the regular breakfast menu.




TUESDAYS: Quiches and salads or soups are on special, with vegetarian and vegan options available. This tends to be a busy ladies day, so please call in a reservation!


WEDNESDAYS: "Good ol' Meat and Potatoes" opens the door to all kinds of interpretation, many indeed "European Style"...all yummy and usually comfort food.


THURSDAYS: Are chef's choice. Seasonal and fun!


FRIDAYS: Italian and fish entrees are the noon focus. Olive Chicken, coffee rub steaks and locally smoked thick pork chops (German or American style) are weekend favorites.


SATURDAYS: See a busy breakfast crowd, enjoying swedish pancakes and the full breakfast menu. Red Cow Burgers and grilled chicken pitas are popular Saturday noon choices.  Remember to bring in your favorite wine or beer to accompany Our signature Coffee Rubbed Steak, Walleye Almondine or Raspberry Chicken Salads.










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The Amboy Cottage Café


100 Maine Street East 

Amboy, MN 56010


    For reservations call:

    (507) 674-3123




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