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Our Green Menu

Green Menu




Modified Emils Habit:

2 Eggs any style, Toast and Jelly, Hash Browns or Pancake...$5.95


For the Vegetarian Farmer:

3 eggs, toast & jelly, Hash Browns and Pancake...$7.95


Waffle Wednesdays:

Good old fashioned Belgian waffles are served early Wednesday mornings until they are gone! Come early before the guys eat them all!...$5.00

Add fruit and whipped cream for $3.95


Silver Dollar Pancakes:

Select from Golden Buttermilk, Honey wheat, Buckwheat, Corncake or Multigrain Pancakes, 8 on your plate with butter and syrup...$4.95


3 Egg Omelette:

with choice of cheese and 3 of the following (Walnuts, mushrooms, Greens, Sweet Pepper, Onion, Tomato, or fresh Garlic) with Hasbrowns, and toast...$8.95


Saturday and Sunday Swedes:

These light Crepe-like pancakes, served with Whipped cream, and your choice of fruit...$10.95


Yogurt and Fruit Smoothie...$4.95


Hearty Oatmeal:

with multigrain toast, honey, Fruit and nuts...$7.95


Sprouted Multigrain Bagel:

with Almond butter and jelly...$4.95






A little lighter on the Earth: For thoughtful meat-eaters, vegetarian, vegan and food-sensitive people.


*Our in house green menu features sketches by Grandma Maria featuring local produce!*

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The Amboy Cottage Café


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