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The Amboy Cottage Cafe 

The Red Cow Story

In the late 1870's, as the railroads were moving across the Midwest laying track, building depots, and founding towns, the farmsers of Shelby Township wanted to develop a town complete with businesses, churches, and schools. Together they decided to offer the railroad whatever they could afford to convince them to build a depot and form a new town. George Quiggle gave 10 acres of land, and 23 other farmers gave cash gifts totaling $565.00. One farmer, Mr. H. Bornt, gave all he could afford; one red cow with broken horns. Thanks to this cow, and of course, the farmers with high hopes and strong family values, the town of Amboy was founded on October 31, 1879.


We have named our delicious Red Cow Burger in honor of this community spirit!


To continue the spirit of community giving, The Amboy Cottage Cafe donates $.25 to the Amboy Area Community Club for local projects for each Red Cow Burger served.



Red Cow Burger

The Red Cow Burger (variations below)

*beef, black bean or turkey*

     with choice of potato, vegetable, or Kettle Chips.......$9.95

     Add Soup or Salad..................................................$11.95

     Extra Bacon............$2.00         Extra Cheese.............$1.00

Mushroom & Swiss - grilled mushrooms & swiss cheese

Sweet Pepper Burger - grilled peppers & red onions w/provolone cheese

California Burger - Lettuce, tomato, onion, & mayo

Cheeseburger - your choice of provolone, american, swiss, or cheddar

German Burger - Grilled onions & sauerkraut

Olive & Swiss Burger - Black and/or green olives & swiss cheese

Pizza Burger - Italian seasonin, tomato, and provolone

Garden Burger - Served with all of our raw veggies

Blue Cheese & Cheddar Burger

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